Training Tool

The Training Tool is a test simulation app enabling users to review training materials and take proficiency tests.​

Features and Benefits
  • Ability to create and take tests from a question bank.
  • Full interactivity to simulate real exam-like experience.
  • Support for multimedia questions including photos, audio and video.
  • Full offline access, with on-demand server synching.
  • Content security via integration with encrypted content downloads and user authentication/authorization.
  • Integration with Learning Management System (LMS) enables cross-platform access for users.


Kaplan Medical is the leading test preparation service for students taking the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), a required certification to practice medicine in the US. Students prepare for the test by taking simulated exams pulled from a database of questions, the Qbank.Providing students with the convenience of accessing the Qbank tools from their mobile device enables them to optimize their exam prep schedule. This app gives Kaplan Medical a critical advantage in a competitive market.

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