Mobile Catalog

The Mobile Catalog is a comprehensive tool helping customers navigate the breadth of your product offering.

Features and Benefits
  • Access info for multiple product lines.
  • Rich, criteria-based search with filters by application, product functionality, price, etc.
  • Product info summary page, drill down for details.
  • Link to web pages and media files.
  • Related products suggestion: Up-sell/cross-sell.
  • Valuable entry point into company web site.
  • Content update via web-based CMS.
  • On-brand design ensures message consistency.
  • Lead generation through integration with company back-end systems (ie quote or sample request).


Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures and distributes all the chemical products used for cell culture: Media, Sera, Reagents. They needed a simple tool that would allow a scientist in the lab to identify all the various products she needs for her application.Adding convenience to the ordering process is another reason for lab scientists to work with Thermo Fischer Scientific instead of their competitors.

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